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2017 travels

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. I took some time these days to look at what 2017 has been like. In terms of personal achievements, goals achieved and … travels.  Athens in January Going in Athens in January was a really great idea. We were able to find cheap flights and accommodation on the one hand, plus the…

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Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers

Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers Christmas is right around the corner. If you began your chase for the perfect gift for your dear ones who happen to be passionate about travelling, then this article is for you. We decided to try and help you with your struggle. Here are some tried and tested Christmas gift ideas for family, friends and…

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Over-tourism or how to be a responsible traveller

Sharing my thoughts on over-tourism Raluca from UpsideDownTravels invited us and some other bloggers to share our thoughts on over-tourism. She also thought that we could raise the awareness on this subject and offer viable solutions for travellers. I gave this subject some thought, so please find my contribution below.   How over-tourism looks like The world has seen a huge…

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