About travelogue4426

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We are a group of friends who enjoy travelling. We started travelling at different stages in our lives and each of us has their own unique and amazing perspective on the process.

We decided to express our love for travelling by sharing all types of information about the process: doing the research, choosing the destination, choosing accommodation, planning activities, getting the sense of the place we are visiting, remembering trips and so on. And of course, we’ll write our memories of the trips we made so far.

Even though we’re very different when it comes to these details, we always manage to create amazing experiences for ourselves and we are sure that among different perspectives and ways of seeing things, you will find something appealing to you.

Despite the differences, we have this in common: we all believe that travelling is knowledge in motion. If you do it right, it will get to you, it will make you realise a lot of things, it will make you grateful for what you have and also more aware of where you’re standing.

We are here to share experiences with you. Our experiences.


Meet the people behind the stories:




Andreea started travelling a couple of years ago. Ever since that happened, she can’t stop thinking about her next destination. She likes to plan ahead of her trips and to know more about the history, the traditions and the people from different areas. When she’s abroad she likes to get to know the local people – to learn how they behave, how they talk. And sometimes, she tries to pass as one of them.






Gabriela enjoys travelling with her friends, especially with her boyfriend. Making memories together and living great adventures feels like a blessing in this world full of amazing places. She always tries to check most Instagrammed places everywhere she goes. Restaurants with views are her favourites. Dirty Little Secret? Well.. Italian men & vespa..oh my! PS: don’t tell her boyfriend.