Bucharest – Nice places to eat or have a drink

If you’re in Bucharest only for a few days, or if you live in Bucharest and you’re out of ideas, here’s a list with some nice places you might want to visit.


Matcha Bar

(https://www.instagram.com/matchabarbucharest )

This one is the first matcha bar in Bucharest. Because it’s been only few weeks since the opening and we already love it, we’re gonna start this list with a cute caffe. This place is the one for you if you just want a cosy and VERY instagrammable place. They have various drinks matcha based, and some delicious treats. The people here are very nice as well. We loved this place even since the first visit. I have at least 6 awesome pictures taken here 😀 Love it!


Cismigiu -Bistro La Etaj

(https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g294458-d15034018-Reviews-Cismigiu_Bistro_la_Etaj-Bucharest.html )



This place is also pretty new in town, arranged in a Parisian  style, they say. I was pretty impressed about the design and I also enjoyed the food(very nice plating and the desserts are looking FABULOUS). The waiters are nice and you don’t have to wait too long for your food. 

It’s right next to Cismigiu park and also very close to the city centre and VERY instagrammable too. Romantic background, great light, pretty and yummy food. Don’t know about you boys, but the girls will LOVE it!


Linea/ Closer to the moon

(https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g294458-d12696896-Reviews-Linea_Closer_to_the_Moon-Bucharest.html )

This place is known for the terrace (again, instagrammable place). You can admire the city view and  you will find a cool design during the winter. The tables which are in open air in the summer, are going to be covered by some igloos (which look very cool by night). As for the menu.. great ribs (would say some), good cocktails, and nice ambience.

It’s also very close to the city centre.

** Bistro and Linea are very closed to a place named Control Club. A lot of locals and tourists hang out in here for a drink (or two). Sometimes they have various events as concerts/parties. It’s a nice vibe in the outside(smoking) area but  very crowded. It’s a cool place and we thought about it because when we travel, we are always looking for cool places to hang out outside the touristic area.  You can have a taste of Bucharest nightlife in here.



Gargantua KSLF

  (https://www.restaurantgargantua.ro/general-menu/ )


We’ve been in their location that’s on Kiseleff. What they have, and the others don’t, is a very diversified menu. From sushi to steak and burgers (and pizza of course). I was impressed because usually when the menu is too diversified, it may happen to be disappointed. Not this time! We tried steak, pizza, sushi and dessert. Everything was tasty and good looking! 


Chef’s Experience

(https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g294458-d8564544-Reviews-Chefs_Experience-Bucharest.html )

Beautiful background and delicious food for the picky ones. Perfect if you want something more fancy. Is not that close to the city centre but I’m sure you won’t regret it!




Finally, since seems like everyone loves pizza, we wanted to present you a cool place which pretends to be the mother of pizza in Bucharest. I can’t argue with that. If you want a pizza which makes you feel as if you’re back in Italy, Mamizza is the place for you. You can find vegan options too!

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