Visiting Prague. Prague at a glance

Oh, Prague


Prague was the third city I visited abroad and it still has a special place in my heart. I don’t know if it’s the architecture, the attractions, the beers or the amazing streets, all I know is I can’t wait to visit it again.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, I visited Prague in September 2014 and I stayed there for 3 full days. I read a lot of articles before deciding what my itinerary should look like, but here’s what I did: I decided to split the information into separate blog posts, so be sure to check them all.

Disclaimer: I was there around four years ago, so be sure to double check the pricing information.


Prague Map
Be sure to have a map of the city



Getting to Prague from the airport


The first thing we did at the airport was asking for a map of the city. You can do this at the Information Point. The map has all the city attractions and all the subway stations. We were very old school by then, as you can see.

To get to the city centre, you can take the bus 119 from the outside of the airport, to take you to the closest metro station to the airport; it’s called DEJVICKA. Then, you only have to see which metro station is closest to your hotel.

Pay attention to the direction of the bus you’re taking, as from the same platform you can take the bus in both directions. You can imagine what we did in the first place (yes, we took the bus in the opposite direction).

Update: You can also go for an Uber ride, a bus express or a private pickup. More info here.


The money


The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech crown. So you have two options: change your money in your country beforehand or look for places to change your money while you’re there. You can also use your credit card for some museums.

We exchanged our money in Prague, we found a very good exchange right outside Prague Castle. If you go to banks, try to tell them that you are not interested in their initial offer and ask for a better one.

Avoid dark and creepy areas when exchanging your money.


The language


The Czech language is strange. Because of this, it is very hard to remember where you’re staying and so on, so remember to write down your address or the name of the closest station to your accommodation. However, you’ll see that you will soon get accustomed to the strange pronunciation and you will even learn some words.

We learned to say “exit” and ”next station” as they kept repeating these in the bus.

We also learned to say ”hello”, ”goodbye” and ”thank you”. We always do so when we visit a new country.

DOBRY’ DEN – hello, or have a nice day

DEvKUJI VAM – thank you

Use google to help you with pronunciation.


Public transportation


We used all the public transportation available to travel from one point to another: the bus, the tram, the subway. For touristic purposes, there are 3-day tickets for all public transportation. We bought these tickets, as it was the most convenient option.

This is a pass for tourists, so it’s the best deal you get. However, if you consider that this is not worth it and you want to use alternative ways of walking around the city, always remember that the ticket should be validated.

More on the pricing of tickets can be found here.


Tipping in Prague


As you might expect, tipping in the Czech Republic is commonly expected. The average tip is at least 10%. However, it’s up to you how much you tip.


What’s not to miss – at a glance

  • Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, The Astronomical Tour, The Dancing House, John Lennon’s Wall.
  • You should definitely go to see the longest stairway within a subway station. This one is called Namesti Miru and riding it lasts for 1 minute. It’s amazing!
  • Go and try to see Prague from above. There are a lot of places: the Petrin Tower is my favourite, but you can also get to climb the Vitus tower or the Charles Bridge tower.
  • Go for a walk on Charles Bridge during the evening too. It’s amazing to see how the atmosphere changes and how the city looks at night. Also, the Astronomical Watch. Stay in that square at evening – it gets really nice.
  • Try out their beers, they argue they have the best beer in the world (there are always controversies when you say the best of something). Even though it’s a highly subjective matter, I assure you that the beer is pretty good. Try out Staropramen and Krusovice. If you’re a big fan of beer, you should know that they also have some beer tours.
  • If you’re staying for more than 3 days, then a good idea would be to search for tours outside the city.
  • Don’t miss out on their version of the Kurtos Kalacs. We tried it out in the square near the Astronomical Tower. It’s a very nice dessert.
  • Also, the narrowest street in Prague (which is located in Mala Strana) is also a place that shouldn’t be missed. More on this here.

All in all

And the most important, you may hear a lot of stories about how cold Czech people are. Just think about the fact that they live in a place that’s always full of tourist and they never have the streets only for themselves. I didn’t find Czech people cold, but whatever the situation, always be nice and smile. If you also learn some Czech words, you’ll win the locals over.



The Astronomical Tower
The Astronomical Tower


The longest stairway within a subway station
The longest stairway within a subway station



Lennon Wall
Lennon Wall
The beers
The beers



The view from above
The view from above


Stay tuned cause more posts about Prague are about to be published!


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