Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers – part II

Has anyone said Christmas Gifts?

Do you know what doesn’t get easier with years? I’d bet a lot of you would answer … finding the right Christmas presents. I know I would answer that in a snap.

I love giving presents and seeing the happiness and excitement of my loved one’s faces. I don’t know about you, but for Christmas, I like to add a little bit of magic in the presents I give, so that’s why I try to get as creative as I can. And this can also be done if you’re on a budget.  

I think that the perfect gift should always have a personal touch.


What we recommend this year

For this year we gathered a list of nice presents that you can craft or buy. Be sure to also check our article from last year (click here).


Photos are always a nice idea

If you’re up for a DIY project for a nice and easy Christmas gift, then grab the following:

  • the photos you want
  • a large piece of rope
  • some Christmas hooks.

Be sure to pack the gift really nice. If you’re not very fond of the DIY project, then you can find it already done for you. I bought mine from Primark.

The budget for this one is around 2 – 5 euros.

Hanging Photo Clips
Hanging Photo Clips


Support local artists and designers

During December, there are a lot of fairs going on every weekend. The local artists come in and exhibit their crafts. This is a great place to find your Christmas presents.

Supporting local artists by buying their crafts is really nice. At such venues, you can find a whole variety of gifts: from jewellery to clothes, purses, mugs, pillowcases and many more.

The prices vary a lot depending on the item, but you can generally find something for every budget size.

Local artists
Local artists



Money belt

The money belt is a sure must-have item for a travel lover. It’s a well-known fact that tourists are targets for thefts and it’s more relaxing to wander around keeping your belongings in front of you, without actually worrying that you always have to watch over your money or documents.

The money belt is also very fashionable as it comes in many models and colours. You can find them from simple, sports ones to the most fashionable ones.

Some money belts can be found here.

The budget for the money belt is between 10 euros to 150 euros, based on the model you want to buy.


Bum bag
Bum bag

Travel agenda

Do you know what always goes well with a travel pack? A nice travel agenda to keep track of all your experiences. I am referring to a small agenda, that can be put either in a purse or in a bag, without taking up to much space.

A small travel agenda comes in handy for travellers to keep track of information they want to fill in or to keep track of the visited places in a more old-fashioned way.

I got this kind of agenda last year and I took it with me on every trip and by now it is full of memories from my trips.

The budget for this one starts at 10 euros and then goes up, based on quality or features you might want the travel agenda to have.

Travel agenda
Travel agenda


More expensive gift ideas

However, if you want to spend some money on your gifts then, here are two ideas:

A Kindle

I know that a lot of people say they like reading from an actual book, not from a Kindle device, but Kindles are an acquired taste.

A Kindle is a good idea for travel lovers especially because it’s so tiny and easy to carry in your bag and it can hold a lot of books. You never know when you get stuck at the airport or get bored on the plane.

The budget for this one is between 90 and 250 euros, based on the model you want to buy.


A GoPro

You’d say that the GoPro is only for travel bloggers and people who want to film and post on the internet. But that’s not true. I can’t think of a better way to collect pretty memories than by filming things and making a video of your trip. The GoPro is very nice as it is very small, can be held underwater and can be placed even on yourself while you’re wandering around.

In no time, you’ll have recordings of your experience that can be easily rendered.

The budget is around 300 euro – 450 euro, based on the type of model you want to buy.

For more information, check the following links:

Go Pro
Go Pro



In the end

I’d say that one should not stress about Christmas presents. What’s more important is to be present (I couldn’t help myself). Have a happy Christmas everyone!



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