The Exhibition “100 years. 100 of objects. Romanian design”

One of the advantages of having designer friends is that you find out about a lot of things that you wouldn’t otherwise search for. This is how I went to visit the 100 Romanian Objects in 100 years exhibition.


100 objects. Romanian design

Nod makerspace  Association developed a very nice project, the first of its kind in Romania. They gathered 100 Romanian objects spanning 100 years of existence. It is basically a short history of Romanian design.

Starting from 1918, the exhibition displays a lot of interesting unique objects, that Romanian people are familiar with.


Prepare to become very nostalgic

To my great surprise, I was able to recall a lot of objects that my mum used while I was a child: the old-fashioned iron, the old meat grinder (that I sometimes used myself because I found it very fascinating), the old TVs and the phone,  “Piticot” – the boardgame (translation Dwarf) and of course, the dolls that look so odd to me right now.

What to expect

The exhibitiom is laid out in a big room, with the objects being presented chronologically.  What’s cool is that each object has a short description, so that you can learn some context (politically, economically).

I’d say that the duration of the visit varies between 15 minutes or 1 hour, depending on how much you want to read about each object.


Hurry up!

The exhibition is open until tomorrow, the 4th of November. It’s free entry and you can visit the exhibition between 10 and 19. The address is the following: Splaiul Unirii Nr. 160 (at walking distance from Timpuri Noi metro station).

So if you’re looking for a place to go tomorrow, this is it! Enjoy!

For more information about the event click here.


A big surprise for me

While we were kids, we used to play a lot of silly games around our block. I can’t even recall their names right now. But what’s even cooler, and I didn’t know about, is that there is a game called “In fata blocului” (or the European and American version: “Around the block”), which gathers all the games we used to play in a very nice and innovative way. The illustrations are also very cool, so if you’re very nostalgic right now, you can find the game here.


A sneak peak



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