Choosing where to stay in Barcelona

Choosing where to stay in Barcelona can be a struggle. We’ve been there, too.

Accommodation plays an important part in your travel. Even if you use your room only for sleeping and for freshening up a bit, you still want to get the best experience, while paying less.

We are writing this post to help you make a fair judgement when choosing where to stay in Barcelona.


Choose not to interfere with the locals


Last year, I wrote a post about over-tourism and how to become a better tourist. Barcelona was the second city that drew my attention to the fact that tourism does harm to locals. As I wrote before:

It was after I saw some people protesting that I understood that more than 40% of Barcelona’s tourist apartments are illegal. Because of the big number of tourists, landlords see an opportunity in renting their apartments to tourists instead of local tenants. It’s because tourists spend as much as four times the amount a local tenant does. As a result, a lot of locals struggle to find a place to stay.

Choose the hotels and the recognized places for accommodation


Even though the accommodation costs become slightly higher, choose the hotels. It’s a nice feeling to know that you don’t harm the people leaving there for just a few extra euros.

Extra money doesn’t sound so good, but when having in mind the outcome – helping this crisis to slowly improve, the benefits are worth it.


Choosing the area where you will stay


You will see that Barcelona has a lot of beautiful places spread all across the city. So, choosing the best area (in terms of proximity to the main attractions) is somehow out of the discussion.

For instance, I stayed near Sagrada Familia and then, one year after, near Park Guell. 

One the one hand, I saw Sagrada Familia every morning and every evening, and this was an amazing feeling. But, on the other hand, staying near Park Guell was a nice opportunity to discover the neighbourhoods and how people actually live in Barcelona. So, even if it sounds counterintuitive, I enjoyed staying near Park Guell more.

I think that what’s important is to stay near a metro station so that you can move easily.

When choosing the neighbourhood, you can search the internet to see what other people say about the area: if it’s noisy at night or if it’s a little bit intimidating, if it offers an authentic experience and so on. 


In the end


In the end, the choice of where to stay is yours, but always keep in mind that travelling should always be a pleasant activity. For both the people who are tourists and for the people who receive you as a tourist.

Choose to travel responsibly!


Later edit: We were asked where we stayed, so we are going to give you a link to the places we chose. During our first stay, we were a bigger group and we chose Key Sagrada Familia – Lepant. For our second stay, we chose Moonrooms Barcelona.

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