Touristing during summertime – here’s some advice on how to fight the heat

Summertime and the living’s easy

Summertime and the living’s easy” – it’s an old saying. I bet tourists whose holidays were ruined by a heat wave would beg to differ.

As a tourist, when visiting a city during the summertime you have to fight dehydration, the sun, the stuffiness and the air moisture. The list can carry on with a lot of other factors that might get in the way of you having the great and relaxing time you imagined and planned for weeks in advance.

We gathered some advice on how to escape the summer heat, from our findings or from the hard lessons we learned.

Wear sun protection (SPF)

Sun protection
Woman applying sunblock protection on shoulders

Even if sun protection is recommended all the time, especially during summer time, it becomes essential that you use SPF on both your face and body. You don’t wanna risk getting sunburnt during your holiday, very few things can ruin a vacation in just the same way as sleep deprivation on account of sore skin does.

Keep it safe – choose to wear an SPF sun protection cream on your face and body.

Depending on the amount of SPF, you should repeat the process several times.

You can read more about SPF and how long it protects you from the sun rays here.

Personally, I like to wear 50 SPF cream on my face, particularly because then I don’t have to repeat the process several times, and a lower SPF for my body, because I don’t mind applying it again during the day.


Wear a hat


Wear a hat if you are going to walk around a lot. If will prevent you from overheating. Even if you don’t realize it, you spend a lot of time in the sun and the symptoms don’t always manifest instantly, so it sort of sneaks up on you.


Wear light clothes

When it comes to clothing, choose items that are made of breathable materials. It could be cotton, linen or jersey, whichever you prefer. Those materials will prevent you from sweating in the summer heat and will also keep you cool.


Plan ahead your day

Plan your day ahead so that you can avoid the period of time when the sun shines the brightest. That is between 12:00 and 16:00.

You can choose to eat during this time or to visit something indoors. Also, if you plan on riding a bike or engaging in any other athletic endeavours, please do any of those in the morning or in the evening. Doing sports when it’s too hot is not very good for yourself.

You’ll see that if you do so, the weather will be easier to cope with.


If the weather is unbearable, use some thermal water

Thermal water

Thermal water comes in handy when it’s incredibly hot. If you use one puff on your face, you’ll notice the difference.

The thermal water comes in many sizes, so you can use the smaller one for travelling and use it to freshen up a little.


Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Always carry a bottle of water in your backpack. And drink lots of water, according to your needs. Stay hydrated!  Also, don’t forget to have one big bottle of water at your accommodation, as you’ll find out that during the night or in the morning, you’ll get thirsty too.


If you’re going to the beach

Going to the beach

If you’re going to the beach, then there are some important rules:

  • Use SPF; if your SPF is not water resistant, apply it every time you get out of the water; repeat the procedure after the SPF protection wears off
  • Don’t spend too much time sunbathing, especially when the sun is at its apex
  • Drink water
  • Wear a hat


Another piece of advice

You can also eat light, try to stay away from alcohol during the times when the sun is burning hot and so on.


What’s most important: don’t let something that could have been avoided ruin your holiday and try to dance under the sun!


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Sun protection

Wear a hat

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