Tourists traps in Barcelona

We’re tourists. We all fell, at least once, into tourist traps.

I don’t blame the people who are trying to trick us, the tourists. Looking at tourist traps like a karma thing really helps understand the effects of travelling. We come to cities and overcrowd them, so the sellers take advantage of this by trying to flourish in this situation.

With a little effort, you can enjoy the beautiful parts of the city, without having your experience ruined. So, I made a list with some of Barcelona’s most known tourist traps.



Restaurant in Barcelona

The restaurants from the crowded places

I am going to share with you an awful experience we had in Barcelona, the first time we visited. We were around Sagrada Familia, in the evening, craving for something to eat. We were walking from the beginning of the day, so we just wanted to sit down somewhere and have a bite of something. So we chose the first restaurant that we saw. There were some tourists sitting at the tables, so we didn’t ask many questions about the place.

We had terrible table service, the glass in which we got the “Sangria” (which is the subject of one of the next points) had lipstick stains, the food was awful and eventually, we paid for some table service – around 5 euros/person.

One thing we learned from this experience was never to go to a place without searching it on the internet to see what people think of it.

By doing so, we managed to avoid the restaurants like this one.




Souvenir shop La Rambla

The overpriced souvenirs from La Rambla

La Rambla is the place where most people buy their souvenirs from. People who sell their souvenirs take advantage of this by showing big prices to the things they sell. They are, however, very willing to bargain for the price. If you’re good at it, you can try to negotiate for a smaller price.

However, you’ll see that you’ll find most of the souvenirs in other areas, less crowded, and their price is usually smaller.

The overpriced accommodation or bad conditions

Hotels and people that offer accommodation also take advantage of the popularity of Barcelona to offer not so good conditions at a big price.

Always try to look for the most recent reviews from people and choose a not so mainstream area if you want to pay a decent amount of money.

You will be on the road all the day and Barcelona has places to see in any area, so there’s actually a good idea.


Sangria glass


If you ask the locals about Sangria, they will definitely tell you that Sangria is only for tourists. The local people don’t drink it so often. So, you’ll find a lot of restaurants with a big price on Sangria. Try to avoid them. If you’re in the mood for Sangria (and of course you will), try to find local restaurants. They usually have homemade Sangria. You’ll see that they have the wine with sugar and all the fruits prepared in the fridge. This is how you’ll notice a good Sangria, by seeing the fruit.



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The restaurant from crowded places

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The glass of Sangria

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