One day at Sitges, near Barcelona

Sitges, near Barcelona

Have you heard about Sitges?

If you go to Barcelona, don’t forget your bikinis or sunscreen. The excellent sunbathing and swimming locations would be a pity to miss out on.

Barcelona has a lot to offer: Barceloneta and the exotic cities like Sitges or the beautiful Costa Brava with its breathtaking beaches are just some of the reasons for which the region got its reputation as one of the most beautiful places in the whole world.

During our first stay in Barcelona, our guide from the Gaudi Free Walking Tour recommended Sitges for a day in the sun.

Some background on Sitges

If you search the internet for nice places to visit around Barcelona, you will definitely find something about Sitges. This is because the city is very mystic and beautiful.

Sitges is located in the south area of Barcelona, at approximately 30 km away. It’s best known for hosting the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival and for being frequently chosen by the gay communities.

Why choosing Sitges for sunbathing?

Barcelona can become very overwhelming because of the big number of tourists. If you’re looking for a quiet day, away from noise and crowds, then Sitges is a good idea.

It is a very nice and very neat city. You’ll find the water very clean and the sand very fine.

The palm trees give this city a very exotic touch, while the mountain sight will complete the perfect image.

How to get there?

The 30 km can be either travelled by public transportation (train or bus) from Barcelona or Barcelona Airport or by car.

By public transportation

1. By train

Going to Sitges by train is the cheapest and fastest way. You can take the train from one of these stations: Estació de França, Passeig de Gracia and Estacio Sants. The final destination of the train is either Villanova or St Vincent De Calders.

The trip lasts around 45 minutes and the cost of a return ticket is 7.2 euros.

You can check the timetables of the trains here.

2. By bus

There are buses, ran by the bus company MonBus, which leave from Plaza Espanya and Ronda Universidad every day. The trip by bus takes around 50 minutes, depending on the number of stops and traffic. The ticket costs 4.10 euros one way.

More information about the public transportation and timetables.

By car

You can also take the car because the landscape is amazing. You will feel the need to stop on your way to take pictures because you’ll find each frame amazing.

If you choose to take the car, then you can do a pit stop at Garraf to admire a restaurant which was designed by Gaudi. This one is called Gaudi Garraf.


As mentioned before, the beaches are very clean. You can take away on top of the beach and see which spot you consider more suitable for your stay.

Don’t forget to visit the old city that will remind you of the white streets of Greece.

Fuente: Katerina Knyazeva

My day in Sitges

The day I spent in Sitges was very relaxing, as I got the chance to just sit and listen to the sea. It was my Barcelona getaway and I enjoyed every single sunray and every sandy wire.



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