Where to drink your coffee in Porto

Just in case you’re wondering where to drink your coffee in Porto


A good day starts with  good coffee

When I’m travelling, I want to start the day properly. I want to have a good breakfast and, of course, a big mug of good coffee. And for me, good coffee comes in different sizes and flavours. What scores important points for a good coffee? Having that taste that awakens all the cells in my body and prepares me for discovering the city.

With this in mind, let me share with you the best places in Porto where you can drink your coffee, have a nice breakfast or chill down a bit.

Good to know

In Portugal, the coffee is really good. The espresso is called Cambalino, named after the machines – “La Cimbali” (Italian brand).  We trust that the info from this article will help you blend in with the locals.



Here’s our selection of places where you can have a nice cup of java:

1. Majestic Cafe

Address: Rua Santa Catarina, 112 4000-442 PORTO

Website: http://www.cafemajestic.com/

Majestic Cafe

As its name already says it, it’s a majestic cafe. It’s beautiful and it has a scent of the past. Once you go in, you get the feeling of an incursion into the past. If your imagination helps you, you can see the sparkle of the belle epoque, with people discussing philosophy and other matters of that time.

One of the most beautiful cafes in the world

Daydreaming aside, this cafe is considered to be one of the most beautiful cafes in the world. And I am going to explain you why.

It has a nice decor, both outside and inside. When you approach the entrance, you’ll notice that there is a nice gentleman that smiles at your while inviting you in. Walk in slowly, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the place: nice chandeliers, small tables, old and fashionable chairs, big nice piano at the back of the room.

Menu and prices

The cafe has a very diversified menu, so whatever your mood, you’ll find something suitable. They have coffees, sandwiches, cookies and even menus for lunch and dinner.

We went for the cafes lates, the ham and cheese croissant (which was very tasty) and the French Toast Majestic style (if you’re in the mood for something sweet, this is amazing).

I must admit that this cafe is a pricey one, but not unjustifiably so. I liked the coffee and the atmosphere, the service and the music, so I considered, in the end, that the price was totally worth it (around 10 euros per coffee and snack).

Majestic Cafe

Other info

As I mentioned before because it’s such a nice place, it’s among the popular places in Porto. As a result,  you might experience a noisy atmosphere. We came in at 9:00, so the place was very empty and we could enjoy the beautiful background music. After 30 minutes, the place got really crowded.

They have a nice piano in the cafe and on Saturdays, they even have piano concerts. If you want to go while there’s a piano concert, then make sure you don’t forget to make a reservation, as it tends to be crowded.


2. Moustache Cafe

Address: Praça de Carlos Alberto 104, 4050-158 Porto

Website: http://www.moustache.pt/


Moustache Cafe was our choice for a chill out session. Even though we got there at midday and we weren’t particularly hungry, we couldn’t resist having a quick bite to eat.

We ordered some flat white, some vanilla latte chai and some really tasty snacks: made of two large slices of bread with tomato sauce, ham or prosciutto, arugula and some potato chips.


The decor of the cafe is really nice: it has several rooms where you can sit. This photo is taken upstairs and as you can see people come here to work, to have a chat or just to relax.

It also has a nice, chill music and all the pastries looked really tasty.

We paid 7-8 euros for the chai late and the snack.

Moustache Cafe


Cafe Moustache

3. Cafe Guarany

Address: Av. dos Aliados 85/89, 4000-066 Porto

Website: http://www.cafeguarany.com/


Another cafe with a nice style is Cafe Guarany. It is located near Liberdade Square. It is designed in an art deco style and it’s quite big, giving you the privacy you need to enjoy a proper cup of coffee.

The recommended drink is the cimbalino. Other points for this cafe come from the fact that you can choose a table near the window from where you can see the Aliados Avenue.

Cafe Guarany Cafe Guarany

4. Cafe Piolho

Address: Praça de Parada Leitão 45, 4050-011 Porto

Website: http://www.cafepiolho.com/


Situated near the University of Porto, this cafe was initially frequented by students. It’s located next to other landmarks such as Lello library or Carmo church.

The name of the place gives you some information about how crowded it is. Piolho means lice, and it’s the new name due to the fact that it is always crowded.

So yes, the place itself is very crowded (we wanted to sit, but couldn’t find an open seat), so don’t expect to get any privacy in this cafe. However, if you do want to try out the local experience, be sure to make time for Cafe Piolho.

Cafe Piolho Cafe Piolho


Don’t forget to share with us other nice cafes you came across

Those are among the cafes we got to see in Porto during our short stay. There are of course a lot of other good cafes that we hope we can visit on our next stop in Porto.

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