Wonderful, but not so popular things to do in Romania

Here are some wonderful, but not so popular things to do in Romania. Each time I visit a country I want to experience the cool and unusual things there too. So here are a couple of examples: 



1.Tea at Samsara Teahouse

Well, this is the place for you, psychedelic people!

Inside an old house, where nothing seems to be out of the ordinary (if you are just passing by), you will find the most extraordinary teahouse I have ever seen!

You can live different experiences depending on the room you decide to enter.

My favourite room is the one where you can easily forget you live on Earth. It’s like you are in the heart of a galaxy.

Samsara is not just a teahouse, it is more than this.. It is a place where you can chill, where you can basically have a psychedelic experience without eating any shrooms. (Hahaha)

Address: Emil Racovita Street 27, Cluj-Napoca 400124


2.Enjoying a magic spot around the Clay Castle from the Valley of Fairies 

If you have ever dreamt of seeing a fairytale-like place, this is the place for you!

This “castle” belongs to a young couple who always wanted to live in a house like the ones described in the Brothers Grimm’s tales. The building is made entirely of organic materials (clay, straw, sand).

Even if the house is not finished on the inside, you will love every single detail of it.

Surrounded by the mountains, next to a river, in the middle of nature, you will find “The Clay Castle from the Valley of Fairies” (and yes, this is the exact translation from Romanian – “Castelul de lut din Valea Zanelor”).

First time I saw it I thought it was a piece of heaven where fairies built their home. And who knows? Maybe if you are lucky enough, you will actually meet one of them 😀

Address: Zona Turistica Castelul de Lut, Valea Zanelor, Porumbacu de Sus 557192


3. Awakening your senses in the “Museum of Senses”

Even if it’s located inside a mall, right near the arcade area, this is a place you definitely must not miss when in Bucharest.

The name basically says it all. Your senses will literally be taken to extremes and you will also have a bit of a laugh too ( especially because of the extremely friendly employees that will guide you along the tour).

Address:AFI Cotroceni, Bulevardul General Vasile Milea 4, București 061344


4.Paragliding over the mountains

One of the best ways to spend a sunny summer day if you are around Brasov is by soaring from the Bunloc Peak (1200m).  This place is very close to Brasov and makes for an amazing place for starting your paragliding experience.

You get up there by taking a chairlift to the starting point.  Not only does the chairlift journey has an amazing view, but once you get up there and take off it’s quite breathtaking.


When I was there I felt like I was a little bird casually flying over the forest. It felt really peaceful, beautiful and serene.


Depending on your personality and past experiences, you might get more of a kick out of it or just really enjoy the peaceful journey like I did. If you find the flying too boring though, you can always ask them to spin you quite a bit. However, keep in mind that while this would probably intensify your paragliding experience, it’s also going to shorten its length.

Considering how splendid the view is, I definitely recommend this place for anyone who wants to try out paragliding.

PS: Thank you Ioana for sharing your experience with us! (btw, her instagram account @lifeinawe will freshen up your feed for sure)

Address:Strada Bolnoc 185, Săcele 505600


5.Rafting on the Siriu River

Just in case you don’t know what rafting is, it basically is going downstream with a raft on a speeding river .

Even if this might surprise you, Romania also has quite a few rafting spots. One of them is the Siriu river. Very well known among the professionals, this is an experience you should try at least once in your lifetime.

Just in case you’re concerned about it being too difficult, no need to worry since they also have a couple of beginner courses and you will always be kept safe by the guides.(rafters themselves with years of experience on that same river)


If there’s anything more you want to know, don’t hesitate to PM us ! Have fun! 


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