Getting from Bucharest airport to the city center

Bucharest’s airports

Bucharest has two airports: Henri Coanda Airport (Otopeni – OTP) and Baneasa Airport. The last one, however, no longer serves scheduled passenger traffic.

Henri Coanda Airport is located in the north of Bucharest, in Otopeni, 17 k away from the centre of the city. It has two terminals – one for departures and one for arrivals.


Getting from the airport to the centre of Bucharest

There is no subway line that connects the airport and the city centre (although this line is under construction), but there are several viable options:


  1. Taking the bus (public transportation)

Cost: 3.5 lei, but the magnetic card with 2 travels is 7 lei (around 2 euros / 2 trips)

Bus number: 780 and 783

Frequency: based on the time of the day, from 20 minutes to 50 minutes; at 40 minutes during the night

Availability:  bus 780 from 5 am to 11 pm; bus 783 – 24h


There are two bus lines that arrive at the airport: 780 and 783.

They connect the airport with the main train station or with the city centre, as follows:

  • 780 connects the airport with Gara de Nord (The North Railway, which is the main railway station from Bucharest)
  • 783 connects the airport with the city centre, Piata Unirii

Within the airport, the bus has two stops: one in front of the Arrivals terminal and one in front of the Departure terminal.

Bus tickets

The tickets for the express bus can be bought from the card desk that is in front of the Arrivals terminal. The cost of a trip is 3.5 lei. Based on how much you are going to stay in the city, you can either buy only a magnetic card with two trips that cost 7 lei (2 euros), or you can choose to get a rechargeable card that you can use for the other buses.

After the bus leaves, don’t forget to validate your card at the orange validators.


Bus schedule

The schedule can be found here.

Note that the bus 780 is available from 5 am to 11 pm, whereas the bus 783 is available 24h.


  1. By train

Cost: 8 lei (almost 2 euros); there are discounts for groups of more than 5 people, children, students and seniors with IDs; children under 5 can travel for free

Frequency: 1 / hour available from 5 am to 23 pm


You can take the train from Gara de Nord (North Station), the main station from Bucharest, to get to the airport.

The train leaves from the Arrivals terminal.


Train schedule

The timetable for the trains can be found here. (you have to fill in Bucuresti Nord and Bucuresti Aeroport)


Train tickets

The tickets can be bought from the airport terminal, from the station or even online.


  1. By taxi

Taking a taxi care be tricky sometimes, as there are some drivers that are very well known for scams. However, we have some guidelines on how to avoid scams.


There are two ways to get a taxi from the airport:

  • Get one from the line that’s in front of the airport, from the taxi station outside the terminal
  • Order a taxi from the touch screen terminal situated on the ground floor of the Arrivals terminal
  • Order a taxi from a mobile app


Licensed taxi car has fees that vary from 1.39lei/km to 3.5lei/km. The fees are displayed on the taxi, or at the touchscreen.

Ordering a taxi from the taxi station outside the terminal

If you decide to take a taxi from the station outside the terminal, then make sure that the fare is right for you. The dare can be checked in the quarter panel, just below the car’s mirrors.

Whatever the choice you’ll make, don’t forget to ask the driver to start the clock.


Ordering a taxi from the touch screen terminal

Using the touch screen terminal from the ground floor of the Arrivals terminal is a very easy way to call a taxi. You have to select the company name (and you will be able to see the price also) and the machine searches for a taxi. When it finds a taxi, it gives you a piece of paper with the details of the taxi that’s going to pick you up. You also have the estimated time of arrival.

Whatever the choice you’ll make, don’t forget to ask the driver to start the clock.


Ordering a taxi from a mobile app

The are some mobile app from licensed taxi companies that you can install on your phone and use in order to get a cab. These apps are very easy to use.

Apps on AppStore: Clever Taxi ,Meridian Taxi

Apps on GooglePlay: Clever Taxi, Speed Taxi, Meridian Taxi


Other info

The National Authority for Consumer’s Protection phone number: +4021 9551

More information on the taxi rules can be found here.


  1. By Uber or Taxify

Bucharest is among the cities of Romania which have the Uber and Taxify services in place. More and more people are switching from taxis to this option due to the high-quality services.

The pickup point to be selected here is the Henri Coanda Airport. You can then see the estimated price, based on the rate.  Usually, with a normal fee, the trip from the centre to the airport is among 30 lei – 60 lei (7-15 euros).


If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it from the stores:

Uber on AppStore

Uber on Google Play

Taxify on AppStore

Taxify on Google Play


More details

For more details about the Henri Coanda Airport, check the official website. Here you can also find the timetable for the flights, the shops that are available, the rent a car service etc.


*Featured image source: BUCHARESTCOMFORT.COM


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