2017 travels

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. I took some time these days to look at what 2017 has been like. In terms of personal achievements, goals achieved and … travels. 

Athens in January

Going in Athens in January was a really great idea. We were able to find cheap flights and accommodation on the one hand, plus the city was not so crowded during this period, on the other hand.

The weather was perfect, it was very sunny and warm and we could enjoy the city with our sunglasses on.


Budapest and Bratislava in March

I fell in love with Budapest the first time I saw it and I wanted to see it again. So, we chose Budapest and because Bratislava was very close, we added it to our itinerary.

Budapest is amazing regardless of season, the group you’re with or your current mood. It has a lot to offer and even if I was there for the second time, I was still enchanted by the city the same way I was at first.

Bratislava is very close to Budapest and has some interesting places, which we enjoyed alongside strolls in the rain and the very tasty traditional food.



Stockholm in the beginning of May

We booked our tickets for Stockholm in advance, so we got a great deal for them. We chose the end of May without thinking too much about the weather, so it was cold. Very cold. We went from sunny weather to wind and snowflakes and then back to sunny weather in 5 minutes.

Stockholm is nice to see from all perspectives: by foot, by boat, by bike. The city is very beautiful and it has a lot of attractions.

We chose to stay at a hostel because it was cheaper, so we got to know a little about the hostel culture there.



Amsterdam, The Hague, Antwerp and Brussels in May

Amsterdam was the highlight of my trips this year. I was absolutely fascinated by its beauty. We took the bike, we walked 20 km a day just to go through every corner of it. I have a better understand now about Amsterdam, and I promise that this city is definitely more than marijuana and ladies.

The Hague was very different from Amsterdam, yet so alike. The city is worth a visit and if nothing else, it can help reflect Amsterdam’s greatness even better by comparison. Yes, you got me, I like Amsterdam more.

We went by train from The Hague to Antwerp which was a very cosy small city. And then we got to Brussels where we enjoyed very good beer and some delicious mussels.


The Hague



Barcelona and Tossa de Mar in July

My second trip to Barcelona was more of a spontaneous one. We managed to get some tickets to the U2 concert last minute. Afterwards,  we bought our plane tickets and the accommodation.

It was such a nice surprise. Even if we had spent 9 full days in Barcelona before, discovering each and every little part of the most important landmarks, we still had things left to see.

We went to see Sagrada Familia again to see if some progress was made, we revisited El Gotico so many times, Barceloneta and our favourite restaurants.

Attending the concert was also a dream come true. So many people, so many languages spoken around us, but in the end, a mass of people simply enjoying the beautiful songs.

Because it was summer and the weather was perfect, we chose Tossa de Mar as our getaway for the seaside and sunbathing. Costa Brava is sooo nice! 


Tossa de Mar

U2 concert in Barcelona


Looking back

When I look back, I know it was a great year. I got the chance to visit so many cities, to experience so many cultures, to taste delicious food, get to know nice people. And what I consider to be the most important, I learnt that you have to be responsible. Even when you travel.


I am really looking forward to the new year to bring me nice cities, beautiful cultures, peace and understanding!


Have an amazing New Year!

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