Holiday spirit: Christmas Markets in Romania


Christmas is around the corner, so Gabriela and I decided to share with you the Holiday spirit: Christmas Markets in Romania.



The Christmas Markets in Romania

Like in any other country, Christmas Markets in Romania are a reason to celebrate happiness and to enjoy the little things with your nose freezing. Well, even if that time of the year, when everybody’s hiding in the cosiest places, has come.. and I know how it feels like because even if I’m a social person, all I do these days is stay at home.. nothing more than Netflix & chill  🎥❤️

even if I’m aware how difficult it is to get out there, I’m asking you: when Christmas is just around the corner and all the Christmas lights are dancing on the streets, how can you not be tempted to go out there and enjoy them?

Let us show you a short review of some of our favourite Christmas Markets around here and maybe you’ll be more willing to step outside from your cosy room just for a few hours, to enjoy the sparkly things outside.

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Bucharest Christmas Market 


Bucharest Christmas Market


Maybe you find yourself in Bucharest and you’re still looking for a Christmas gift, or willing to taste some traditional Romanian food, or you just want to spend some time out and you want to feel winter’s touch surrounded by christmassy decorations, then you should definitely walk around Piata Constitutiei where you will find the famous Bucharest Christmas Market (a round of applause please!). Well, I don’t want you to expect anything extraordinary, but indeed there are a lot of nice things to be seen there.

First things first: it’s free entry. There is a nice carousel for the little ones. (you can shoot some nice pics there!) If you are an ice skating fan, there is a rink around there too. Our advice would be to avoid the evenings during the weekend unless of course, you like being in a crowded place.




The Christmas Market from Sibiu

Sibiu Christmas Market

The public considers that Sibiu has one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Romania. The Christmas Market from Sibiu is the first event of this type organized in Romania. Its popularity has grown over the past few years.

Here’s what you can expect if you decide to pay a visit:

  • Christmas decorations
  • a plethora of chocolates
  • traditional Romanian food (sarmale, sausages, langos)
  • lots of sweets
  • mulled wine and traditional drinks (If you heard of palinca or tuica, then you know what I’m talking about)
  • a lot of stalls that sell different items of clothing made of wool to keep you warm during the harsh winters


Children can have fun taking the touristic train or participating in Santa’s DIY activities.

I don’t know if it’s due to the sounds of carols or the lights that are placed like a blanket on top of the market, but you feel like you’re a part of a fairytale. And the only way to carry on with the magic is to seize the moment.

The Christmas Market in Sibiu is located in the city centre. It is very popular among Romanians (both locals and from other regions). Because it depicts such a beautiful image of Christmas, people from all over Romania go there during weekends just to visit the market.


Sibiu Christmas Market


Other Christmas Markets in Romania

Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi have big, beautiful Christmas Markets.


Delve into the holiday spirit and let it drive your state of mind


Sibiu Christmas Market

Christmas Markets aren’t necessarily for those who are big fans of Christmas presents or those who love mulled wine, sweets or sausages. Christmas Markets are a way to put your worries and thoughts on pause and get lost in a magical atmosphere. An atmosphere where sounds of carols blend perfectly with the smell of mulled wine and tasty wurst. It’s about laughter and sharing moments with your dear ones.

Haven’t been to the Christmas Market from your city yet? Take your dear ones and go for a walk! Delve into the holiday spirit and let it drive your state of mind!


Merry Christmas everyone!

From travelogue4426 *Andreea and Gabriela*


Sibiu Christmas Market


    1. Thank you very much, Alexandra! We’re so happy that you love the pictures! They were sent by some friends from Sibiu! Merry Christmas and enjoy this magical part of the year!

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