Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers

Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers

Christmas is right around the corner. If you began your chase for the perfect gift for your dear ones who happen to be passionate about travelling, then this article is for you. We decided to try and help you with your struggle. Here are some tried and tested Christmas gift ideas for family, friends and loved ones.

Travel video

If you’re on a budget but have some time and creativity, then creating a travel video with memories from different places on the planet could do the job for you. Begin by collecting all the photos you took on trips, including funny, hilarious, adventurous moments. Then try to put them together and to create the story of how it was like to visit that place.

This kind of present is a good way of recalling and celebrating things and it stays forever online.

There are several online editing programs that will be of real help. For instance, you can you Windows Movie Maker (which is very easy to use) or a more advanced tool – Adobe Premiere Pro. Plan to spend around at least 4-6 hours to create a decent video.

Christmas gift ideas - Video editing
Video editing – image source

Photo album

If you’re not into editing and putting things together, you can choose a simple yet effective alternative. Choose the most important, funny, nice and cute photos, print them and stick them into a photo album. Try to tell a story by putting the pictures in the right order.

You can also get creative and write something next to the photos.  A nice way to print the photos is like this (see photo below). You can leave enough space beneath the picture to write something.  


Christmas gift ideas - Instagram photos
Instagram photos – image source

Travel map with pins

Keeping track of the places you visited or the ones you want to visit is a real pleasure for travel lovers. This gift idea is a travel map, where you can put pins in the places you visited or want to visit. For more details click here

You can put the map and have a constant reminder of the love of travel.

Christmas gift ideas - Travel pins map
Travel pins map – image source

Photo printer

Credits go to my friend Dan who bought his girlfriend this gift: HP SPROCKETIt helps you instantly print photos from your phone. It’s a very nice to keep it during holidays.

Also, a great way to make use of these photos is to put them in the Christmas tree. Your holiday photos will look great printed!


Christmas gift ideas - HP Sprockets
HP Sprockets – image source:


Plane tickets

As Gabriela mentioned in her article, plane tickets are always a good idea. We can’t help you with the destination – I think you know your loved one better than us, we can give you tips on how to offer the plane tickets in a unique and enjoyable way.

Don’t offer the plane tickets as they are! Play a game, make the person who receives them struggle a little.

Create a treasure hunt in the house. Choose some places and hide small hints: some creative, but not well know at all about the destination you’re going to; the name of a traditional dish from that place, the name of a street; the seat number or the plane number and only in the end, a piece of paper containing a message such as “Yay, you’re going here!


Christmas gift ideas - Plane tickets
Plane tickets – source

Also, Pinterest is a great source of ideas. Just look for Christmas presents for travel lovers.

Need help?

We hope that this article gave you at least one idea of a gift you can buy or make, worthy of your special ones, from our Christmas gift ideas. If you’re still struggling and you need a hand on this matter, just drop us a line at and tell us more about the type of person you want to surprise. We’ll offer support for more targeted ideas. We’ll be available until 24th of December.


Good luck picking the gift and don’t forget to enjoy the process!


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