Top 3 places to eat burgers in Bucharest

If you are visiting Bucharest or if you live here, you must have wondered “where should I go if I want to try a tasty burger?”.
This is why I am here today, to share my impressions about my top 3 places to eat burgers in Bucharest.
Eating burgers is more than just food for me, it’s like a big event (no matter how often I do this). This is why I need everything to be perfect: the burger, the fries, the sauces, and of course, the atmosphere.
I’ve made you curious, haven’t I? Let’s start then!!


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1. VIVO! Fusion Food Bar


Address: Bucuresti, Calea Floreasca nr. 60


Facebook page:

* source: personal archive

This is the place where I had my first burger in Bucharest and couldn’t have chosen a better place for my ”first time”.
It’s a pretty fancy place, with a contemporary design and it is generally known all across the city for their extremely tasy food. And this is more than just a rumor.
Their food, and burger especially, is amazing. My suggestion would be to to have your burger with their specialty fries, seasoned with garlic and parsley, next to it. Yummy!!
The people here are very sociable and your order will be ready faster than you think.
Me and my friends are constantly looking for excuses or reasons to come back and make our taste buds dance.
If you do decide to visit VIVO!, we would recommend booking a table beforehand as the place is almost always full.


2. ReModelier

Address: Strada Gina Patrichi 3, București

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* source: personal archive

    The first thing that struck me as soon as I entered the place was the coziness. Near “Victoriei Square”, ReModelier is in an old 20th century house, combining both modern and classical architectural elements. I liked how they integrated many plants into the interior design, providing more than just a decorative touch. It’s extremely nice and quiet, being a great place to just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. The people here are very friendly and responsive to whatever request you have. What is more, you don’t have to wait a lifetime to get your food.

And here comes the BEST part: their food is delicious!

When it comes to burgers, you can choose a burger from their ”pre-defined” menu or you can even make your own! I chose my favorites ingredients from a list and at the end I ate “Burger à la Gabi”! They also have meat-free options for you or your vegetarian friends. For example, they can replace meat with halloumi, which tastes very good, by the way! The fries are made in their own kitchen and not refrigerated. This is another big + ! Another thing I like is that you can choose to have your burger in flat-bread, so if you are on diet, this might be a good idea.



Address: Strada Negustori 26, București 030167

Facebook page:

* source: Simbio Facebook page

With an urban design and a touch of vintage, Simbio is basically an open kitchen & bar in a big old (but beautiful) house dating back to the beginning of the 20st century.
They have a beautiful garden/ terrace where you can eat when the weather is friendly enough. The people who usually come here are youngsters, ranging from hipsters to corporate workers.
The waiters are extremely kind and they will always provide a helping hand in choosing something to eat.
Apart from the beautiful people and interesting design, it is the home of the best vegan burgers and meat burgers (and also naked burgers – no bun, only salad) in the whole city.

* source: personal archive

On top of that, here you can try some amazing banana and maple syrup pancakes. When you’re done eating, a surprise will be waiting for you on the plate.
The place is also a must for English breakfast. I enjoyed their breakfast more than the one I had in London!
Another awesome thing is that you get to see how your food is prepared. (open kitchen & bar remember?).
I couldn’t decide which one of them is my favourite place to eat burgers because each place gives you a different vibe and is special in its own different way. And the truth is.. we really enjoy eating!
Each one of this places impressed us with the tasty food they serve, and not only that, but the whole experience made us come back..more than once.
It’s up to you which one you want to visit, however if you are around for more than one day, I would suggest seeing them all, you won’t regret it.



  1. ReModelier and Simbio i agree,Vivo not.As a burger eater and enthusiast Vivo would be at the last of the burger places we got,i suggest Switch Eat,Chef’s Experience,The Mix,EMTE,alot of other places exceed them….

    1. Stefan, thank you for your suggestions and sorry for the late answer! Indeed Switch Eat serves delicious burgers too, but they were on the 4th place for me. Chef’s Experience is a sophisticated place <3.I didn't tried their burgers, though. Only ribs(delicious) and fish(also yummy). The other places are still unexplored, but they are on my list now. I heard about EMTE's mini burgers and they look very interesting.Can't wait to try them 🙂

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