My top 3 places to eat in Barcelona

Barcelona is such an astonishing city. You will find yourself strolling along the streets for hours, constantly impressed by something. Sometimes, you can find yourself wandering until you start feeling ravenously hungry.

While I can’t make a top 3 of my favourite places from Barcelona, I can make a top 3 places to eat in Barcelona to help you ease the hunger.


1. Mi Gracia, Argentinian restaurant

Best suitable: if you plan to go out for a nice meal; if you are near Park Guell

Address: Encarnació 52, Barcelona, Spain 08024


Facebook page:



* source: Mi Gracia Facebook page


Mi Gracia is my first choice of restaurant from Barcelona. You’ll find it in the heart of the Gracia neighbourhood. We came across this restaurant by accident on our way back from the beautiful Park Guell.

The restaurant has a very nice design. Once you enter, you’ll notice what I’m talking about. The tree made of wine bottle corks is sure to grab your attention. We then found out that they have a tradition: after finishing a bottle of wine, you can write a wish on the cork and then leave the cork there, waiting for the wish to come true. Because I went with the girls there, we wrote, of course, to come back to Barcelona (which happened) and because we love to fool around, we also wrote that we want to marry a wealthy and handsome Spaniard (which didn’t happen … yet).

What I appreciated most about this place was the attention to detail: the nice and cute menus, the perfect wine that comes to complete the meal, the enormous plates, the nice service and the smiles you get from the people there.

Apart from this interesting wall, the music is perfect – it is the exact amount of background noise you need so that you can hear the person you are sitting next to, but so that you don’t hear what the others talk about.

And the food …

The menu is varied from green food to steak. You can choose from a wide range of steak, pasta, patatas bravas and tasty deserts. Also, the wine is a must-have here.

Getting a sense of the real Barcelona …

It was here where I saw how Catalans spend their free time, how they behave while they are out, how they like to smile and what quality time stands for to them. This was also a way of getting a sense of the real Barcelona.

Funny thing, if you have a dog, well… your dog might actually enjoy coming to Mi Gracia too, as they have a nice dog bar at the entrance.


I came back to this restaurant on my last visit to Barcelona, just to find that the restaurant is still the nice place we came across in the first place.

I loved this place a lot. When I think of Barcelona, I think of Mi Gracia.  I follow them on Instagram too just to see the amazing pictures of the food they make there. When any of my friends visit Barcelona, this is always my first recommendation.

2. Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe

Best suitable: if you are near Barceloneta; after a day of swimming and sunbathing

Address: Passeig Joan de Borbó 76, 08039 Barcelona 


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* source: Makamaka Beach Cafe Facebook page


The region around Barceloneta is full of restaurants that serve all types of dishes: fish in general, pasta, pizza, pork and the list continues.  

However, if you feel like eating a lot, Makamaka Beach Burgers is the place for you. This restaurant has a big terrace with a lot of seats and a small interior. The design of this place is unique – you’ll see walls full of wooden spoons and forks on which people have written to their mother.

And the food …

Let’s talk food now. They have a wide range of burgers with really interesting names that will make you smile. Topless burger, The Dude, Mr. Nice burger are only some options to be taken into account. All the burgers come with fries and sauces. Following the recommendation from friends on Foursquare, we found out that the garlic fries are amazing.

If you’re not into burgers, then you should know that they have salads and sandwiches too.

They also have amazing drinks – beer, cocktails, coffee and some delicious desserts.

And … at the end, don’t forget to drop a line for your mother too.

 3. Las Sorrentinas

Best suitable: if you are in Gothic Quarter and you are looking for something good to eat, really fast

Address:Plaça de Sant Pere, 5, 08003Barcelona, Spain

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* source: personal archive


If you are in the El Gotico and you want to eat something very fast, then go for Las Sorrentinas.

The food …

This restaurant is a good option if you want to get away from tapas.

It has a wide range of pasta to choose from. All pasta is handmade on site. If you are not familiar with the types of pasta, you can actually see some samples on the tables. You can then choose the toppings from a long list – tomato and basil, cheese, etc. It’s a tough decision when you’re hungry, but if you can’t decide which goes with what, the waiters will be more than happy to make recommendations.

Food arrives very fast and the portions are big.

They also have lasagna, salads, soups and desserts. On what the drinks are concerned, they have a nice variety of wines.

The decor …

The place is small but cosy. It has a rustic decor and the music is very good.

After eating there, this is our impression of what other people do – they come in to have a quick bite, then they are on their way.

We were very pleased with this restaurant as we then got the chance to continue our wandering through the gothic quarter of Barcelona.



We hope you like our recommendations and if you have some other nice restaurants that you found in Barcelona, drop us a line.

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  1. Amazing !! Already tried one

    1. Thanks a lot, Dan! We’re happy to hear that!

  2. Thank’s for the recomandation! I love Barcelona!! I kindly recomend you Maitea Taberna
    . Best tapas, you will love it!!

    1. Thank you, Madalina. We added your recommendation on our list and we’ll surely go there on our next visit to Barcelona!

  3. Putting them on my list🙃 As soon as I m done with the dentist :/

    1. Good luck with the dentist and looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

  4. Great tips. I’ll try something on your list, next time I go to Barcelona.

    1. We’re glad you liked the recommendations. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences in Barcelona!

  5. Love Mi Gracia!

    1. You have all the reasons to love it!

  6. Andreea, thank you for your advise! I already added your recommendations on my list, as I intend to go to Barcelona very soon 🙂

    1. Mirela, we’re happy to hear that! Have fun in Barcelona!

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